What is a Bond ?

A bond is said to be a debt instrument in which the issuer company borrows money from the lender (bondholder) and, in return, is obliged to pay interest on the principal amount. The interest is called the coupon. The holder enters a formal contract where the issuer decides to repay borrowed money along with interest at fixed intervals, such as on a semi-annual, annual, or monthly basis.

Types of Bonds :

types of bonds

Why Invest in Bonds ?

why invest in bonds


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A bond is a fixed income instrument however, there are a lot of terms in a bond that an investor has no idea about. We would try to educate the investor on the terms like Coupon Rate, Yield Rate, Maturity Date, Face Value, Interest Payout System, etc. The understanding of all these terms will help the investor to better plan their investments and achieve their goals. The investor is also made aware of the taxation side of the bonds for a more detailed understanding.

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Once the preliminary meeting is concluded, we will use our preset strategies and determine the level of risk the investor can take, post which we will pass our suggestions about the investors risk assessment to our research and analysis team, who shall pick the best bonds that the client can invest in. Risk assessment will help us in picking out the best bond to make the investor invest in to satisfy all the goals of the investor while keeping the investors investment risk-free.

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We, at Ashutosh Investment Services, take immense pride in being of the very few companies in this field to have our own Research & Analysis Department. Bonds undoubtedly are safer than other investments as they are secured by the issuing company’s assets, but it does not mean that they are fail-proof. Hence our research team stays completely updated with the bond issuing companies and their financial data to avoid the risk of default. Once the bonds are finally selected after all due diligence, they are forwarded to our Top Management along with the investor’s full profile and goals.

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Once the Top Management has assessed and given their final go-ahead, the investor is approached again with all the necessary documents for the final investment process to be concluded. Any doubts of the investor if any still left are solved before the investment is done. A lot of the bonds these days are tradeable and hence held in Demat form, our team will do all the necessary process to get the bond units in your Demat account.

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Every Investor is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager, who shall attend to all the needs and doubts of the investor at all times. We also conduct a periodical review of your investments to check and assess the performance of your investments. We will notify you if we feel there is a need to change anything in your investments.

Our aim is to become your one-stop solution for your financial needs. Through our expert and qualified team, we try to give you the best advice regarding your investments. We also keep ourselves updated with all the activities happening in the world of finance. We aim to provide you with Quality & Unbiased consulting to secure your goals and future needs. We at Ashutosh Financial Services, are committed to continuously providing financial advisory services to our investors to the best of our ability.

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