PMS in India

PMS in India

India is the land of opportunities for all global investors. Naturally, NRI investors are looking towards investing in India. There are various investment options for NRIs in India. However, one investment option NRIs tend to favour is Portfolio Management Services. PMS in India is one of the most preferred investment options of the NRI. With India’s economy booming, the Indian stock market will grow and create wealth. However, investing directly in stocks is tedious due to the need for research and analysis. However, a team of professionals, including a fund manager, does the research and analysis in a PMS. 

The NRIs are already pouring billions of dollars into Indian equities every year. An NRI should invest in PMS in India to take advantage of the upcoming economic boom. An NRI can trust the fund manager’s expertise in a PMS to generate superior returns. Finally, investing in PMS in India can help NRIs take advantage of the favourable tax treatment often available. Investing in a PMS in India enables NRIs to diversify their investment portfolio and earn higher returns. 

How can an NRI Invest in a PMS in India?

An NRI must go through the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) route to invest in PMS in India. Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) is a scheme that allows NRIs to invest in the Indian stock market through a designated bank account. PIS will enable NRIs to invest in various financial instruments, such as equities, debt instruments, and mutual funds, subject to specific regulatory guidelines and restrictions.
Under the PIS, NRIs have to open a PIS account with an Indian bank in India and deposit foreign currency. The NRI can then use these funds to buy securities in the Indian stock market. The bank acts as an intermediary between the NRI investor and the Indian stock exchange, allowing NRIs to invest in Indian securities without opening a local trading account.
PIS offers NRIs several benefits, such as the ability to invest in a wide range of securities, easy access to funds, and professional management of their investments. It also allows NRIs to diversify their investment portfolio and capitalize on the growth potential of the Indian economy.

Why Should an NRI Invest in PMS in India?

  • Diversification: Investing in a PMS in India can provide an NRI with additional diversification in their investment portfolio. By investing in a PMS, they can gain exposure to a broader range of asset classes and investment opportunities in India. A PMS also has many categories like large cap, mid cap, small cap, multi-cap, etc.
  • Professional management: Professional Fund Managers with years of experience in the Indian Financial Markets manage PMS investments. Therefore an investment in PMS in India would enable the NRI to take advantage of the professional fund manager’s expertise for their investment. 
  • High potential returns: The Indian economy has strong growth potential, and investing in a PMS can allow NRIs to capitalize on this growth. The PMS is the right investment option for an NRI willing to take advantage of the upcoming economic growth of India. 
  • Rupee Appreciation: NRIs who invest in a PMS in India can benefit from the potential appreciation of the rupee against their home currency. This can help them increase their returns and better achieve their financial goals. 

Key Benefits of Portfolio Management Services Over Mutual Funds:

  1. Lesser Restrictions: Compared to mutual funds, Portfolio Management Services have fewer restrictions. Mutual funds in India are supposed to follow the sectoral cap restrictions based on the nature of the underlying scheme. Whereas for PMS in India, there are no such strict rules for sectoral caps while investing. This enables the PMS to invest more appropriately in various sectors as per the prevailing economic situation. 
  2. Unaffected By Inflows & Outflows: Another critical feature of a PMS in India is that it is unaffected by the inflows & outflows of the scheme. Whereas in mutual funds, every investor’s value is affected by the inflows and outflows in the scheme. In a PMS in India, the NRI’s investment is held in their Demat accounts and hence remains unaffected by the inflows and outflows of the scheme.
  3. Taxation Benefits: The notional gains made on a mutual funds investment of a US-based NRI is taxable in the united states. However, no such tax is charged on the notional gains made on an NRI’s PMS investment in India. Therefore it is beneficial for an NRI to invest in a PMS in India.

How Can We Help You?

Ashutosh Financial Services is a professional financial company. We have been serving the NRI’s requirements for 20+ years. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience in handling the intricacies of an NRI investment. We have a custom process for an NRI’s PMS investment in India. Our custom process will ensure a simple and streamlined investment process for the NRI. 

At Ashutosh Financial Services, we put utmost importance on Preliminary Discussion. In the preliminary discussion, we discuss your investment objectives and expected returns. We modify your investment objectives based on your risk appetite to protect your investment. We also collect your basic details to work up your risk profile. Risk profiling helps us in selecting the ideal PMS for your investment. 

All this data and the necessary details are then given to our in-house Research & Department. This department will select the ideal scheme for your PMS investment in India. It considers your investment objectives, expected returns, and risk appetite before finalizing a PMS. Moreover, our in-house research and analysis department also tracks and monitors the performance of all the PMS in India. We also track every PMS fund manager’s investing style and pick the one that suits your investment objectives perfectly. 
Once the Research & Analysis Department selects the PMS, we shall approach you with all the necessary documents. We shall also discuss your investment’s tax implications and ways you can legally save taxes. We also assign a relationship manager to guide you through the entire process. The said relationship manager will assist you even with your further needs. 

At Ashutosh Financial Services, we review your investments periodically. With it, we try to ensure that your scheme performs as per your objectives. If the current scheme underperforms, we shall inform you about the need to change the scheme. The timely changing of the scheme will ensure that your investment objectives are satisfied.

At Ashutosh Financial Services, we provide you with quality & unbiased services for all your needs. We provide a wide range of NRI services like NRI Investments, NRI Insurance, & NRI Banking. We also provide various NRI Income Tax Compliance Services through our separate tax department. In our bid to provide one-stop financial services to the NRIs, we provide the NRIs with Foreign Tax Compliance Services.

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