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Ashutosh NRI Investment Services In India is a service of Ashutosh Financial Services Pvt Ltd, which has been serving the needs and requirements of NRIs since 2000. We have happily served over 500+ clients across 20 countries.

India - An Investment Opportunity For NRI

To quote Mr Jeff Bezos, “I predict that the 21st century is going to be the Indian century. The dynamism, the energy… everywhere I go here, I meet people who are working on self-improvement and growth”.

We have all seen the Chinese growth story, it’s time for the world to see the Indian Growth Story. India has received a record $81.97 Billion FDI inflow in the year 2020-21. It is estimated that India will attract FDI Inflows of $120-160 Billion every year by the year 2025, this shows the strength of the Indian Growth Story.                                                                                           

In terms of attractiveness, India is ranked 3rd by the investors. India is the preferred destination for Foreign Investments due to the following initiatives by the current Narendra Modi-led Government.

narendra modi projects

The above-mentioned reforms will ensure that India remains one of the fastest developing economies in the world. India is expected to be a $5 Trillion Economy by the end of 2026.

It is often said that it is one’s own task to ensure the growth of their own country, it is with this saying that we hope that our NRI brothers & sisters would witness and likely invest in India’s Growth Story. Apart from this, one’s love for one’s own motherland does not affect when one is away from it in fact, it only grows stronger. India is one of the safest options for NRIs to invest their money as they would be a lot more aware of the Indian economy than any other economy. Also investing in India would offer a unique diversification opportunity for NRIs as they would now be able to invest in both developed and developing countries.

Why Ashutosh NRI Services?

We, at Ashushtosh Financial Services Pvt Ltd, pride ourselves as one of the oldest and most professional NRI Service Providers in India. Our aim is to help and assist our NRI’s to invest in India. We are a one-stop destination for all the financial requirements of NRIs. Providing a quality service to NRIs investing in India is a complicated thing as there are numerous rules and regulations to be taken care of. An NRI has multiple investment options in India to invest in, herein we try to ensure that we help in picking the most beneficial investment plan for the NRI.

Here at Ashutosh NRI Services In India, we have a team of qualified individuals who are up to date with all the recent rules and regulations pertaining to investments made by you in India. We also have a ready-made set of procedures, which enables us to identify your needs and purpose of investment, following which we use our expertise to advise you in the most guided way to achieve your preset goals and purposes. We provide the following services:

Ashutosh NRI services in India

Our services do not end here, for more services to NRI contact us.

Our Key USPs are as Under :

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