What is an NRE Account

Introduction To NRE Account:

An NRE (Non-Resident External Account) account is a type of account that lets the NRIs transfer their foreign currency earnings to India. It is a rupee-denominated account with no limits on transferring funds to and from India. NRIs use an NRE account to invest their foreign incomes in India. An NRE account is the preferred choice of NRIs for remittances. NRIs generally do remittances to take care of family responsibilities.

An NRE account is a savings bank account which can also be used to make fixed deposits. Moreover, the interest earned is also wholly tax-free and fully repatriable. An NRI can deposit their current Indian incomes (rent, interest, dividends, etc.) in their NRE account. However, there are restrictions on the deposit of sale proceeds of assets to an NRE bank account. An NRI can manage this account from anywhere in the world through Net Banking. An NRE account is exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. An NRI can open an NRE account individually or jointly (only with an NRI).

People Eligible To Open An NRE Account:

  1. Non-Resident Indian (NRI).
  2. Indian Citizens Studying / Working Abroad.
  3. Person Of Indian Origin (PIO).
  4. Overseas Citizen Of India (OCI).
  5. Indian Citizens Posted Abroad By The Government.

Benefits Of An NRE Account:

  • Remittances: Remittance is one of the key reasons why an NRI uses an NRE account. NRIs can transfer their foreign earnings to the NRE account with ease. An NRI can transfer money to this account in foreign currency from their foreign bank account, which will automatically get converted into Indian Rupee. The NRIs mostly use this account to take care of their responsibilities for their families back in India.

  • Tax-Free: Any interest earned on NRE Savings or Fixed Deposit account is tax-free and fully repatriable. Indian banks offer an attractive rate of interest on NRE Savings & Fixed Deposits accounts, making them an attractive option for the NRIs to invest or park their free funds.
  • Investment: An NRE account is also beneficial to NRIs when it comes to investments. Since there are no limits on the repatriation of the funds back to the foreign bank accounts, it lets the NRIs invest in India to their full potential. NRIs can choose to invest in Indian Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Bonds, etc. It can be used to invest directly in the equity markets (Mutual Funds & Stocks) on fulfillment of certain conditions.

  • Repatriation: There are no limits on the repatriation of funds in an NRE account. An NRI can therefore transfer any amount to and from this account to their foreign account without any limitations. In contrast, an NRO account has a $1 million limit on repatriation of the funds.

Documents Needed To Open An NRE Account:

  1. Pan Card
  2. OCI Card
  3. Passport
  4. Bank Statement / Driving License (If OCI Card not available)
  5. Tax Identification Number
  6. Passport Size Photograph

How Can We Help You?

Ashutosh Financial Services Private Limited is a One-Stop Financial Services Provider. We provide NRI Services relating to NRI Banking, Income Tax Compliance, Investments, Insurance, Foreign Tax Compliance, etc. In our 20 years of providing NRI Services we have happily served over 500+ NRI client families spread across 20+ countries. We are a professionally managed ISO-certified company.

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An NRI may need to do some transactions in India for multiple reasons ranging from taking care of family responsibilities to investing in India, but before any such transaction, an NRI must have an NRI bank Account. Therefore, we at Ashutosh Financial Services put utmost importance on understanding the needs and requirements of the NRI first before suggesting an NRI bank account.

In our preliminary discussion with the NRIs we explain to them all the advantages and disadvantages of the various type of NRI bank accounts and then help them in choosing the right type of bank account for their banking needs. We also explain to them the tax implications that they need to adhere to for the type of bank account chosen for them.

At Ashutosh Financial Services Private Limited we help the NRIs in opening the bank account by providing them a list of documents needed to open the bank account. Our team will help guide the NRI in choosing the right bank to open the account. To complete the entire process quickly, we also take regular follow-ups with the bank executives to ensure that the bank account opens at the earliest.