NRI Investment Options in India – Equity Instruments.

NRI Investment Options in India – Equity Instruments.

Everyone is aware that India will unleash its growth story and, in the process, create a vast amount of wealth for all investors. However, the real problem is deciding where to invest in India. As an NRI, you would be unaware of all the rules and regulations relating to investing in India. Moreover, there are a lot of NRI Investment Options In India for the NRIs. However, an NRI needs to know all the advantages and disadvantages of every NRI Investment Options In India before selecting one.

The Indian economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and will continue to be the same over the next decade at least. Naturally, such impending growth would create loads of wealth for anyone who invests in India’s growth story. India continues to be the global bright spot for smart investments. Naturally, this makes India the perfect place for NRIs to invest their money. Moreover, India is also the preferred investment destination for the NRIs due to its motherland appeal.

The Best NRI Investment Options In India - Equity Oriented Instruments.

1) Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the most stable and safe investment options for NRIs in India. Mutual funds are one of the most preferred NRI investment options in India for NRIs. Various types of mutual funds are available for the NRI to invest in. An NRI can choose from Equity, Debt, Hybrid, or Solution Oriented Mutual Funds based on their objective and risk appetite. 

Qualified individuals professionally manage Mutual Funds. The allocation in a mutual fund is done after thorough research & analysis. Moreover, the investment in a mutual fund depends on the nature of the underlying scheme/fund’s objective. The information regarding mutual fund investment is readily available to investors to ensure greater transparency. 

2) Portfolio Management Services

Another preferred investment option for the NRIs in India is Portfolio Management Services (PMS). PMS is the ideal investment option for NRIs who prefer investing directly in stocks. A team of professional individuals with years of experience handle a PMS. PMS invests directly in stocks after thorough research and analysis. 

There are various types of Portfolio Management Services, and an NRI can choose one according to his investment objectives and risk-taking abilities. PMS is one of the ideal NRI Investment Options In India as the NRI has to invest the money and let the professional fund managers do their job.

NRI Investment Options In India - Alternate Equity-Oriented Instruments

1) Unlisted Shares

We all know India is unlocking its growth story. Similarly, there are a lot of companies in India that are yet to unlock their true potential. The startup age has brought about a lot of disruptive companies that can revolutionalize entire industries in the future. The recent frenzy in the stock markets has brought out a new NRI Investment Option In India for the NRIs – Unlisted Shares

Unlisted shares are equity shares that are not traded on the secondary market, that is, the stock exchanges. The unlisted shares have caught the eye of the NRIs due to the prospect of generating enormous returns. However, not all unlisted companies generate enormous returns. An NRI must do all the due diligence before investing in unlisted shares or hire a financial service provider like Ashutosh Financial Services to assist them in investing in unlisted shares.

2) Foreign Equity

As an NRI, you would know that the world’s biggest and most famous companies, like Apple, Amazon, Google, etc., are from the US markets. The US market is the world’s biggest stock market in terms of market capitalization. These companies have consistently generated good returns for all their investors. They are also among the world’s biggest wealth creator companies. However, most of the NRI investors would not have invested in these companies due to the lack of knowledge of how to invest in them or due to the price of the share of these companies. 

To solve this problem, we at Ashutosh Financial Services have created a custom product – Foreign Equity. We have created many custom portfolios of US Listed Companies in this product. Each of these portfolios has an underlying theme, and all the investments are done into companies according to the underlying theme. 

How We Help You?

Ashutosh Financial Services is a professionally managed, ISO-certified financial services provider that has assisted the NRIs in their various requirements for over 20 years. We have a team of qualified and experienced individuals who are well-versed in handling the intricacies of an NRI investment. In our bid to provide quality and efficient NRI Services, we have separate departments for all our services. 

We have our presence in 3 key cities(Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot). We have a state-of-the-art digital and physical infrastructure. Our robust infrastructure enables us to provide offline and online service/support to the NRI for their investments. All our separate departments are helmed by dynamic individuals with years of experience handling NRI investments. 
We follow a process-driven approach that is carefully curated to ensure that all the aspects of an NRI investment are taken care of. Our process starts with- 

1) Thorough Discussion: To understand your investment objectives and risk appetite. It also enables us to collect all your basic details and prepare your risk profile.  

2) Risk Profiling: Based on the investment horizon and objectives, we try to ascertain the maximum risk you should take to achieve your investment objectives. 

3) Research & Analysis: We select the best scheme for fulfilling your investment objectives based on all the data collected. It involves comparing all the available options and choosing the best one for your investment. 

4) Investing: Once the final schemes are locked, we will approach you again with all the necessary documents and a detailed plan of how your investment objectives will be achieved. Moreover, we will also discuss the taxation part of your investment. 

Our Key USPs are:

1) Dedicated Relationship Manager: At Ashutosh Financial Services, we assign an individual to assist you in your investment process. The relationship manager would also assist you with all your future requirements. The said individual will always be available to assist you in any way you need. 

2) Dedicated Research & Analysis Department: A specialized department that tracks the performance of all the NRI Investment options in India. It is helmed by qualified and professional individuals with years of experience in handling NRI Investments. This department gives us an edge and enables us to provide you with the best investment scheme for your objectives.  

3) Periodical Review Of Investments: At Ashutosh Financial Services, we undertake a periodical review of your investments. We take up this activity to ensure that if the schemes perform differently from the expectations, we can change and replace them at the earliest to achieve your investment goals. 

At Ashutosh Financial Services, we assure you that we will provide you with the best quality and unbiased advisory services for your investment. 
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