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The Need For Professional NRI Services:

India would seem like a complicated place to invest if you do not know all the rules and regulations that you need to follow before, while, and after investing. Various governments of various countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to NRI investing and as such India is no different. Globalization has led to significant growth in the interconnected nature of economies. In order to let this function smoothly all respective governments of the countries enact special rules and laws to monitor the activities of the NRIs. These rules are necessary to curb black money, money laundering, and tax evasion activities.

India is the shining star of the global economy. India has unleashed a slew of reforms that will catapult India into the top economies of the world and hence it makes India an obvious choice for NRI Investments. These reforms would ensure that India realizes its true potential and becomes a global superpower. India currently has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem, the highest youth population, and many such factors that guarantee that the next few decades belong to India. The Indian Growth Story is about to unleash and realize its true potential and this naturally makes India the most preferred investment destination in the world among all developing economies.

As an NRI planning to invest in India, you must hire a professional company to guide, advise and help you in your goal of investing. It is safe to assume that as an NRI you would not be aware will the trends and happenings of the Indian economy. Moreover, you would also not have an idea about all the investment options that are available or safe for you. As an NRI you would not be aware of the rules and regulations you need to follow before you invest in India. Even post-investment you would not know the taxation rules that might be applicable to you.

As such the chances of you landing into legal trouble due to non-compliance with various rules and regulations increase. Moreover, as an NRI you would be willing to invest substantial amounts of money with proper diversification to ensure stable and secure returns. Since there are multiple areas where you would need to take guidance before investing, it is better to hire a professional services company that can take care of all your requirements under one roof with the utmost professionalism.

It is here that Ashutosh Financial Services makes your work easier. We are a professional company with 20+ years of experience in providing services to the NRIs. We have catered to the requirements of over 500 NRI clients across 20+ countries. We provide a wide range of Investment,  Insurance Services for NRI. We have a process-driven approach that helps us in catering to your requirements.

We even provide income tax and foreign tax compliance services to the NRIs to take care of their taxation part as well. We have separate Investment, Insurance, Income Tax, and Research departments of experts to provide you with the best quality service.

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