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What Is General Insurance?

Insurance contracts that do not come under the ambit of life insurance are called general insurance. General Insurance is often referred to as Non-Life Insurance.

Why Should One Have General Insurance?

Types Of General Insurance:

Why Ashutosh Financial Services?

Ashutosh Financial Services is a one-stop insurance service provider. Our sister concern Ashutosh Insurance Brokers LLP is a Certified Insurance Broker. After qualifying and satisfying various conditions like adequate physical & digital Infrastructure, a qualified team, clearance of requisite exams by Key Personnel, satisfactory capital & net worth requirements, etc. we have obtained the license of Life & General Insurance Broker from the Insurance & Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA). 

As an Insurance Broker, we no longer offer Insurance policies of a few selected companies instead, we now offer you the best Insurance Policies by comparing all the policies of all the companies. Our expert and qualified team will carefully select the best Insurance Policy for you after studying your requirements. We assure you that we will provide you with the best Insurance solutions at the most competitive premium rates.

We at Ashutosh Financial Services providing NRI Services have a process-driven approach to assist the NRIs intending to get themselves insured in India. While getting Insurance in India, the NRIs need to adhere to various rules and regulations of various institutions like FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), Income Tax & RBI (Reserve Bank Of India). However, through our expert and qualified team, we assure you that we are more than enough capable of catering to all your needs.

A Life Insurance policy helps your family when you are not around but a General Insurance policy helps you in living a stress-free life. There are many unforeseen situations like natural calamities, accidents, and medical emergencies that take place on a daily basis and all these situations have the potential to cause you emotional and financial damage. The only solution is to have your assets and liabilities insured through – General Insurance.

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In our first meeting, we try to ascertain your needs to safeguard your various assets. We will also educate you regarding various key terms of General Insurance. We also have a preset set of questions that will enable us to understand and pick the best policies for the safeguarding of your assets.

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We, at Ashutosh Financial Services, take immense pride in being one of the very few companies in this field to have our own Research & Analysis Department. Once your goals and risks are ascertained, our Research Team will look up all the policies of various insurance companies and select the best policies that fit your requirements. Once the policies for safeguarding your assets are finalized they are forwarded to our Top Management whose approval shall complete the process.

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Once the Top Management has given the final approval, we shall approach you again with the necessary policy documents and information about the final selected policies. Once you have approved a policy we shall proceed with the necessary formalities to login in your policy.

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Once the policy is logged in you shall be assigned with a Relationship Manager, who shall be available at all times to further assist you in any matters. The Relationship Manager will remind you about the premium payment dates as and when they become due.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to become your one-stop solution for your financial needs. Through our expert and qualified team, we try to give you the best advice regarding your investments. We also keep ourselves updated with all the activities happening in the world of finance. We aim to provide you with quality & unbiased services to secure your goals and future needs. We at Ashutosh Financial Services, are committed to continuously providing financial services to our investors to the best of our ability.

Our Key USPs are as under:

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