Income Tax & Estate Planning Services – Our Offerings

Kothari & Co., a division of Ashutosh Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., has been working as Tax and Allied Laws Consultants, for more than 60 years. The division provides advisory services on Income Tax, and Estate Planning.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the legal background, who have in depth knowledge of the domain. The human skills of the professionals are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure including various relevant software and legal databases. We maintain up-to-date & proper records of our clients and regularly remind them of their statutory obligations and follow them up to comply with statutory compliance. We maintain effective liaison with various Government Authorities and we continuously follow up matters with them till our clients’ job is done. Our office has a library rich with a wide collection of books, magazines and CD’s relevant to the activity of the division.

Following is the outline of the services provided by this division:

We provide Income Tax related services to Individuals (including Doctors, Architects, Industrialists, and Non Resident Indians -NRIs), Partnership Firms, Charitable & Religious Trusts, Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships. Our services on tax matters are much more than just completing the tax formalities like filing tax returns. One needs to familiarise with the various Deductions and Exemptions available and find out Net Taxable Income. One needs to understand the nitty-gritty of the taxation structure and accordingly plan the tax liability. Our professionals work in total coordination with tax-payers to save their taxes and also in proper planning of tax-related needs. We provide the following services in relation to Income Tax:

Tax Planning and Filing of Return of Income:

• Obtaining PAN for all types of assesses.
• Consultancy on various intricate matters pertaining to Income Tax.
• Income Tax Planning and Return Filing for all classes of assesses.
• Providing regular updates on amendments, circulars, notifications & judgments to all clients, especially relevant to them.
• Advance tax estimation and planning.
• Designing / restructuring salary structure to minimize tax burden within the framework of the law.
• Advising in the accounting of various complex financial transactions.
• Tax planning for purchase and sale of Immovable Property.
• Reconciliation of TDS with Tax Department and resolving issues therein.

Representing in Proceedings: 

We represent the client by attending all kinds of proceedings on behalf of clients before the concerned Adjudicating Officials. We make an effective follow-up with the Income Tax department for assessment, reassessment, rectification, and obtaining refunds.

We also provide expert guidance in matters related to Search, Seizure, and Prosecution litigation. We have expertise in Appellate proceedings wherein we prepare submissions and plead appeals before various Appellate authorities.

TDS / TCS Compliance:

TDS / TCS has become an important mode of collecting Income-tax from the assesses at the source of income. Our professional staff provides effective advice on varied matters related to compliance with TDS / TCS provisions. Following are the services that are rendered by us in the matter of TDS / TCS:

• Obtaining TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number).
• Filing of quarterly E-TDS / TCS Return.
• Issue of monthly/annual TDS / TCS certificates.
• TDS assessment.

Drafting of Various Legal Documents:

Drafting of legal documents taking into consideration plethora of laws and tax implications arising therefrom:

• Dissolution Deed.
• Power of Attorney.
• Affidavits.
• Lease & Rent Agreements.
• Drafting of will
• Other Legal documents as per the requirement of the client.

We all are concerned with building wealth for ourselves and our family. Estate is all the property that you own. It can include cash, clothes, jewelry, cars, houses, land, investment, etc. Estate Planning involves making plans for the transfer of your estate after death including allocation of assets to heirs and the settlement of estate taxes. The objective of estate planning is to make sure that most of your estate is transferred to your heirs/intended beneficiaries taking into consideration the tax planning aspect. It is commonly believed that estate planning is meant for the wealthy. However, even people with modest wealth should also be concerned with the appropriate and effective distribution of wealth at death. We provide complete consultancy and take care of all the procedures in this regard.