Insurance Services – Information

We have divided the insurance policies into 5 types to accommodate and meet the modern-day requirements of insurance. We have done so to simplify the concept of insurance as well as provide you with a comprehensive cover in order to protect you from any unpredictable or unforeseen events that can cause financial losses. By dividing the insurance into 5 categories instead of the common 3 categories we have made it easier for you to categorize various insurance policies as per their objectives and goals.

An insurance policy these days can do much more than providing coverage. The are various types of insurance policies that offer guaranteed and stable returns for decades. Insurance policies are one of the most preferred investment instrument as they offer guaranteed and stable returns for decades.

We Offer The Following Types Of Insurance:

Life Insurance:

In today’s world, our lives are full of unpredictable risks and events. We live with various risks like loss of life, loss of income, critical illness, disability, etc. on a daily basis and most of us are ill-prepared against them. It is important that we understand the value of our lives and get them insured in order to save ourselves and safeguard our families from any unpredictable event. We at Ashutosh Financial Services do insurance planning for you and figure out adequate coverage that you should have to cover all your liabilities.

We decide your cover amount or sum assured after discussing with you your goals, your lifestyle, and the number of dependents you have. We believe that every individual has a different goal and lifestyle and hence requires a different type of term plans. We offer various types of term plans to cover all your needs.

The Covid-19 Pandemic showed us how fragile our health is and why health insurance is of paramount importance. A lot of people faced financial hardships due to the lack of medical insurance. Medical Insurance provides coverage or protection against medical expenses arising due to accidents, illness, or injury. It basically covers all your medical expenses like that of hospitalization, daycare, etc.

A single medical emergency can disturb the family’s financial stability and hence is it necessary that one has medical insurance. It is also a known fact that the cost of hospitalization and medical treatments are rising at an alarming rate and are already beyond the common man’s reach. We are also more prone to health issues due to our lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, and pollution. Hence health insurance has becomes a must-have insurance for a peaceful stable life.

Insurance of anything except human life is known as General Insurance. General Insurance provides cover against non-life assets like homes, vehicles, etc. We believe that we are protected and safe only by taking life and health insurance, but we are wrong. In order to have a peaceful life, we need to secure ourselves from all the events that can cause us financial losses. It is important to note that the chances of getting into a road accident is far greater than developing a health problem and hence general insurance is of great importance too.

We all have various assets like houses and vehicles which are prone to theft, fire, and accidents, and hence we need to protect them by the way of general insurance. Our assets are also at risk from various natural and man-made calamities like earthquakes, storms, riots, wars, etc. and therefore we should get various general insurance policies to safeguard our assets further.

It takes us years to build an asset like a house or a factory shed and it takes only a few minutes for it to be destroyed due to fire or earthquake. The same goes for all our assets and hence we should take general insurance on all our assets and liabilities to protect ourselves from any financial losses.

People these days are getting more and more financially literate and are trying to have a financial plan and no financial planning is complete without a complete retirement plan. Retirement planning is the process of accumulating a sum of money that you will need to survive and live a comfortable life in your post-retirement years. This planning is done by estimating your current lifestyle expenses along with your future goals and expectation after factoring in inflation.

One should have a comprehensive retirement plan to live a comfortable and independent retired life. Since it’s a matter of your retired life, you cannot have risk. The only instrument that provides you with stable, secure, and guaranteed returns over a long period is when retirement planning is done through insurance. Insurance policies specially designed for retirement planning are the most ideal instrument for your retirement planning. Most of these insurance policies have regular and guaranteed payouts at fixed intervals and the best part is that these returns are not based on the stock market returns and hence are safe.

Investment through life insurance is a new and modern type of insurance wherein you not only get the benefit of insurance but also get some returns from the life insurance policy. These policies are specially designed to offer both life insurance and returns from the policy in the same premium. These policies are very attractive as they offer both safe and secured returns as well as life insurance.

These policies offer stable and safe returns for decades and that ensures a steady flow of income. These types of investments are a must for diversifying your investments and ensuring that you are not too dependent on any one asset class.