Mutual Fund

what is mutual fund ?

What is Mutual Fund?

A Mutual Fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme, usually run by an asset management company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Why Ashutosh Financial Services?

There are multiple instruments in which the NRIs can invest in India, however, Mutual Funds are the most prominent instrument for NRI Investment In India. Mutual Funds are a great option for NRIs to grow their wealth back in India. Investing in Mutual Funds by NRIs is a smart and cost-effective way to grow wealth. Through our years of experience, we assure you that we will select the best mutual funds for your goals.

We at Ashutosh Financial Services while providing NRI Services put maximum importance on understanding your Investment objectives and creating a customized investment plan to ensure the complete achievement of your investment goals. We pride ourselves to be the best goal-based planners. Post Investment, we keep regular track of all your investments to ensure complete achievement of your investment objectives.

We at Ashutosh Financial Services have a process-driven approach for providing NRI Services in India to the NRIs Investing in India. While Investing in India, the NRIs need to adhere to various rules and regulations of various institutions like FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), Income Tax & RBI (Reserve Bank Of India). However, through our expert and qualified team, we assure you that we are more than enough capable of catering to all your needs.

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Every investor is unique and has unique needs, therefore we at Ashutosh Financial Services listen to every investor’s needs, goals, and expectations in detail before providing NRI Services. We try to inform you about all the rules and regulations pertaining to NRI Investment In Mutual Funds in India. We also inform you about the documentation and banking process needed to invest in mutual funds in India. Through our discussion with you, we try to ascertain your goals and your requirements.

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Once our preliminary discussion is concluded, we use our preset strategies and try to ascertain the risk that you should take to achieve your goals. Risk assessment is one of the most important parameter that helps us in choosing the best mutual fund for you. Risk Assessment helps us in achieving the right investment mix and balance for your funds.

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We, at Ashutosh Financial Services, take immense pride in being one of the very few companies in this field to have our own Research & Analysis Department. Once your goals and risks are ascertained, our research team will suggest the funds that you should invest in to achieve your goals. Our Research Team keeps a track of all the funds performances and this enables us to pick the best mutual funds for you. Once the schemes to invest in are finalized it is forwarded to our Top Management, whose approval shall complete the process.

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Once the Top Management has given their approval, you shall be approached with relevant investment documents, along with the factsheets of the funds you are suggested to invest in. The factsheet is the document that contains all the details about the funds performance over the period of years. The Investment process can be done both via forms or digitally. There are certain restrictions from mutual fund companies based on your country of residence, to know more click here.

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Once the investment process is concluded, you shall be provided with a dedicated relationship manager who shall be available at all times for any queries that you shall have. Apart from this we also take a periodical review of your investments to see whether the funds performance is in line with the goals we set at the time of investment and if there are changes to be done we shall approach you with the same.

Our Aim :

Our aim is to become your one-stop solution for your financial needs. Through our expert and qualified team, we try to give you the best advice regarding your investments. We also keep ourselves updated with all the activities happening in the world of finance. We aim to provide you with quality & unbiased services to secure your goals and future needs. We at Ashutosh Financial Services, are committed to continuously providing financial services to our investors to the best of our ability.

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