Advisory Stock Portfolios

Advisory Stock Portfolios

What is an Advisory Stock Portfolio?

Advisory Stock Portfolio often referred to as Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is a researched-backed investment option that has the ability to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns consistently. Its working is similar to that of a Portfolio Management Service but with a lower investment amount.

Why Invest In Advisory Stock Portfolio?

Why Ashutosh Financial Services?

Advisory Stock Portfolio is an alternative option for Portfolio Management Service. It requires a lower investment than PMS. Another differentiating feature is that in PMS the fund manager has all the powers but here in Advisory Stock Portfolio you as an investor will be asked every time for permission before the fund manager wants to buy or sell any stock. This ensures a greater degree of transparency and authority.

Advisory Stock Portfolio is a unique investment option that ensures We at Ashutosh Financial Services through our years of experience assure you that we will select the best advisory stock portfolio for your goals. Advisory Stock Portfolio can be best described as Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service as your approval is always needed before the fund manager wants to make a change.

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The first and foremost step would be to inform you about all the significant details of investing in an Advisory Stock Portfolio. We will also inform you about the tax implications, regulatory formalities and documentation that are needed to be complied with while investing in an Advisory Stock Portfolio. We also collect the necessary information regarding your financial position, and your goals to help us better in selecting an Advisory Stock Portfolio for you.

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One of the most important task is to assess the risk you can take. Based on the data collected by us in the preliminary discussion, we use our preset strategies to determine your risk-taking ability. Risk Assessment helps in identifying the right advisory stock portfolio scheme to be selected to ensure that your goals are fulfilled.

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We, at Ashutosh Financial Services, take immense pride in being one of the very few companies in this field to have our own Research & Analysis Department. Once your goals and risks are ascertained, our research team will look at all the available advisory stock portfolios and determine the best portfolio that will suit your future goals. Once all the factors are considered and all data examined, the final suggestions are forwarded to our Top Management.

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Once the Top Management has reviewed and approved the scheme, you will be approached again with all the necessary documents. This process can also be done digitally. Any doubts if at all are solved before the final process is done to ensure complete clarity for you.

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Once the investment process is concluded you will be provided with a dedicated relationship manager, who shall be available at all times to solve any queries.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to become your one-stop solution for your financial needs. Through our expert and qualified team, we try to give you the best advice regarding your investments. We also keep ourselves updated with all the activities happening in the world of finance. We aim to provide you with quality & unbiased services to secure your goals and future needs. We at Ashutosh Financial Services, are committed to continuously providing financial services to our investors to the best of our ability.

Our Key USPs are as under

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Type of IncomeTaxation levy for NRI *TDS rate (withholding tax rate) *
Sale of Listed Shares – STT paid at the time of purchase and sale (except for shares purchased before STT came in force). Period of holding less than 1 year – Short Term Capital Gain. Capital gain @ 15%. (U/s. 112A) 15% (U/s. 195)
Period of holding more than 1 year – Long Term Capital Gain. Capital gain @ 10%. Exempted up to Rs. 1,00,000. (U/s. 112A) 10% (U/s. 195)