Investment Services

What is Investment?

Investment basically means setting aside a sum of money into a financial instrument for a specific amount of time to ensure its growth. It is the process of allocating a certain sum of money into an asset class with the objective to earn returns.

Importance of Investing:

Inflation in plain terms is the increase in the price of goods and services. Inflation decreases the real value/worth of money and thereby decreases your purchasing power. Let’s consider a scenario wherein the rate of inflation is 8%. This means that you will need 8% more money to purchase the same items next year. Inflation is the silent killer of money’s worth. The only solution to tackle inflation and actually beat it is to Invest your money.

There are various instruments in which a person can invest their money to beat or tackle the inflation problem. There are various asset classes that beat the inflation rate. Investing your money enables you to earn interest or grow your wealth to ensure that you beat inflation. It is very important that everyone understands and tries to invest only in those instruments that beat inflation.

Investing is the only way to achieve your future goals. Investing is a process, a discipline that ensures you start saving money on a regular basis. The same money can be helpful in emergency situations. In today’s world, it is a necessity to invest as your primary earnings are not sufficient enough to cater to your future goals and lead a comfortable & peaceful retired life.

Below are the most important reasons why one should invest regularly:

Where To Invest:

For any individual, the real problem starts when he plans to begin investing. There are a lot of investment instruments like mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, etc. and it could be very confusing to pick one among these instruments. Every one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and without proper awareness and knowledge, most of them go for secure financial instruments. 

We at Ashutosh Finserv provide you with all knowledge about all these financial instruments and then help you in picking the right instrument for your financial goals. We at Ashutosh Financial Services have a basket of financial instruments that are sufficient to cater to all your financial needs. We are a One-Stop Financial Services Provider. Below are the various financial instruments where you can invest for your financial needs: 

Our Role In Your Investments:


Ashutosh Financial Services Pvt. Ltd is a 20+ years old company that provides investment-related services. We strive to assist every one of our investors in their investment-related matters. At Ashutosh Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. we always keep our client’s interests first. Through our years of experience, we have created a customized process through which we address the various needs of our investors.

We put maximum importance on understanding investment objectives and then creating the right investment mix for you based on your risk profile. We inform in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of various financial instruments and how they can suit with the investment objectives. We have a team of qualified individuals who specialize in understanding your goals and provides the right investment instrument for the said goals.

We not only guide in making the right investment decisions, but we also undertake a periodical review of investments to ensure that they are performing as per our objective

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