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Invest In Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) And Enjoy Triple Advantage

The TRIPLE ADVANTAGE of investment in Sovereign Gold Bond are :
▪️ Investment in Gold without any levy of GST and rate difference on buying & selling.
▪️ Interest income @ 2.5% p.a. along with investment in Gold.
▪️ Tax Free gain on investment in Gold when bonds held till maturity.
Reserve Bank of India had issued Sovereign Gold Bonds and the last tranche of the same ended on 4th Sept, 2020. If you intend to invest in these Bonds, it can be purchased from us on the same terms as they were issued by the Reserve Bank of India. These terms are as follows :
▪️ Sovereign Gold Bonds issued by RBI are available for resale from us on all the working days.
▪️ Available in the multiples of 1 gms.
▪️ The rate of gold for the purchase of Sovereign Gold Bonds shall be the rate of gold at the time of purchase on the website of India Bullion Jewellers Association (IBJA).
▪️ Eligible Interest rate of 2.5% p.a. paid on semi-annually basis.
▪️ Tenure: Original tenure 8 years, with an option to exit after the 5th year.
▪️ Tradable on the Stock Exchange.
Taxation provisions :
▪️ Interest on these Sovereign Gold Bond is taxable.
▪️ Appreciation (Capital gain) of the amount received on maturity (after 8 years) is tax free.
▪️ Capital Gains on sale in the market is liable to Short Term Capital Gain (on holding below 3 years), Long term Capital Gain with indexation benefit applicable on holding above 3 years.
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Latest And Practical Information On Important Points Of Insurance Claims For Covid 19

– કોવીડ ૧૯ ના ઈન્સ્યોરન્સ કલેઈમ માટે ના અગત્યના મુદ્દાઓ ઉપર અદ્યતન અને વ્યવહારુ માહિતી – There are so much confusion and misunderstanding prevailing for COVID 19 claims in the mind of CORONA KAVACH and REGULAR MEDICLAIM policy holders. – હાલમાં કોરોના કવચ અને રેગ્યુલર મેડીકલેઇમ પોલીસી ધારકોના મનમાં કોવીડ ૧૯ ના કલેઈમ વિષે ખુબજ મુંઝવણ અને ગેરસમજણ જોવામાં આવી રહી છે. COVID – 19 FAQ for the claim (as per the best of our knowledge) 1. What type of test will be considered as valid for claim of COVID – 19 in a Regular Mediclaim policy and Corona Kavach policy if a person is diagnosed positive? From where will the RT-PCR test report should be get done? Ans. RT-PCR is a valid Test for claim for COVID – 19 medical expenses from Regular Mediclaim policy and Corona Kavach policy. RT-PCR test report must be done only from government –authorized / ICMR authorized diagnostic center, then only claim will be paid. (૧) ક્યાં પ્રકારના ટેસ્ટ રીપોર્ટ પરથી કોઈ વ્યક્તિ COVID – 19 એટલે કે કોરોના પોઝીટીવ છે તેવું માન્ય રાખવામાં આવશે? અને તે રીપોર્ટ કઈ જગ્યાએથી કરાવેલ હોવો જોઈએ તો જ કોરોના કવચ અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીકલેઇમ પોલીસી માં મળતા ક્લેઈમ માટે માન્ય ગણવામાં આવશે? જવાબ : RT-PCR ટેસ્ટ રીપોર્ટ કોઈ ગવર્નમેન્ટે ઓથોરાઈઝ્ડ/ICMRએ માન્ય કરેલ ડાયગ્નોસ્ટિક સેન્ટરમાથી જ કરાવેલ હોવો જરૂરી છે તો જ કોરોના કવચ અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીકલેઇમ પોલીસી માં ક્લેઈમ માટે માન્ય ગણવામાં આવશે. 2. Can a claim be made for hospitalization due to COVID 19, from Corona Kavach policy or in any health / Mediclaim policy? Ans. Policy holder is entitled to receive a claim after 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital under any Mediclaim policy or Corona Kavach Policy for COVID 19. (૨) કોરોના કવચ અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી લીધા પછી કેટલા દિવસ પછી ક્લેઈમ કરીએ તો ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે? જવાબ : કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી લીધાના ૧૫ દિવસ અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી લીધાના ૩૦ દિવસ પછી જ કોરોના પોઝીટીવ આવશે તો જ કલેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે. 3. After taking the Corona Kavach policy or Regular Mediclaim policy, after how many days cover will start? Ans. After laps of 15 days from taking the Corona Kavach Policy and after laps of 30 days from taking Regular Mediclaim Policy, cover will start for COVID 19. (૩) કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસીમાં કોરોનાના કારણે જો હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ કરવામાં આવે તો હોસ્પિટલ માં થતા ખર્ચાઓ નો કલેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે? જવાબ : હા, ઓછામાં ઓછુ ૨૪ કલાક દાખલ થયેલ હશે તો જ ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે. તદઉપરાંત ઘરે રહીને સારવાર લીધી હોય તે કલેઈમ પણ શરતોને આધીન મળવાપાત્ર છે. 4. When Policy holder is admitted to the hospital for treatment of Corona, is he eligible to receive claim amount for all the expenses incurred in the hospital under the Corona Kavach policy and Regular Mediclaim policy? Ans. When Policy holder is admitted to the hospital for treatment of Corona, he will get expenses as per the local authority’s circular on the cost of treatment of Corona which is given to that perticular Hospital. Every person will have to seek for this circular from the hospital as the cost of Corona’s treatment will be paid by the insurance company as per the circular under Corona Kavach policy or any Regular Mediclaim policy. (૪) કોરોનાની સારવાર માટે જયારે હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ થાવ છો, ત્યારે કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી હેઠળ હોસ્પિટલમાં થયેલા કેટલા ખર્ચ માટે ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે? જવાબ : કોરોનાની સારવાર માટે હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ થાવ છો ત્યારે તે વિસ્તારના કોર્પોરેશને કોરોનાની સારવાર માટે કેટલો ખર્ચ આપવામાં આવશે તેનો એક સરક્યુલર તે હોસ્પિટલમાં આપેલ હશે તે સરક્યુલર હોસ્પિટલમાંથી માંગી લેવાનું રહેશે કારણ કે કોરોનાની સારવાર માટેનો થતો ખર્ચ ઇન્સ્યોરન્સ કંપની દ્વારા કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી હેઠળ તે સરક્યુલર પ્રમાણે જ ચુકવવામાં આવશે. 5. After detection of Corona if policy holder get treatment being isolated at home or any other place, will he / she can be eligible for claim under Corona Kavach or Regular Mediclaim policy? Ans. Yes, if policy holder stays isolated and get Corona treatment, policy holder can get a claim under Corona Kavach policy. In addition, if policy holder has a regular mediclaim policy, your agent should check to see that whether your policy covers the cost of treatment of that nature or not, because some mediclaim policies do not cover such claims, especially mediclaim policies like Arogya Sanjeevani, Group Health Insurance, Mediclaim Policy offered by the bank, Health Benefit policies do not cover home treatment. Under the Corona Kavach and Regular Mediclaim Policy (if the cost of treatment is allowed than only) the claim will be granted only if the following conditions are met. • Actually Policy holder have to stay in the hospital for treatment, but he is taking treatment at home because there is no bed available in the hospital or he does not need to be admitted to the hospital. So, if an authorized medical practitioner/doctor gives such permission on the letter head of a recognized hospital with sign and stamp than it will be allowed. • While Policy holder is receiving treatment at home, the medical practitioner/doctor of the authorized hospital monitors Policy holder health condition on a daily basis, a record (chart) should be maintained and the treatment should be mentioned in that record. Once this record (chart) is ready, it should be signed by Policy Holder and the doctor of the authorized hospital. • The following costs will be reimbursed if it is prescribed by medical practitioner of the authorized hospital for Corona.
  • Costs for medication and reports, etc.
  • Costs of Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Cylinder, Nebulizer, PPE Kit, etc.
• The maximum cost for Homecare / Domiciliary treatment will be approved up to Rs. 20,000/- by BAJAJ ALLIANZ GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY’s Corona Kavach policy and certain other prescribed regular Mediclaim policy of the same company. There is currently no such limits for Corona Kavach policy of IFFCO TOKIO GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. and STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE CO. LTD. • In the regular Mediclaim policy of TATA AIG GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD., the claim will be approved only if the Policy Holder is treated at home for at least three days or more as per the following conditions in the feature called Domiciliary Treatment. But claim for Nursing Charge, Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Cylinder, Nebulizer, etc. will not be reimbursed under this policy.
  • When a person is not in a condition to go to the hospital.
  • When there are no vacancies in the hospital.
• The OPTIMA RESTORE policy of HDFC ERGO HEALTH INSURANCE CO. LTD. does not provide any limit for Corona to be treated at home. But only reasonable cost for PPE kit will be allowed. (૫) કોરોના થયા પછી ઘરે રહીને સારવાર લઈએ તો કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં કે રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસીમાં કલેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર થશે ? જવાબ : હા, (અ) તમે ઘરે રેહીને કોરોનાની સારવાર લ્યો છો તો કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે, (બ) જો રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી હોય તો તમારા એજન્ટ પાસે તમારી પોલીસીમાં ઘરે રહીને સારવાર માટેનો ખર્ચ મળે છે કે નહિ તે તપાસ કરાવડાવી લેવી જોઈએ. કારણ કે અમુક મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસીમાં આવો ક્લેઈમ મળતો નથી, ખાસ કરીને `આરોગ્ય સંજીવની’, ગ્રુપ હેલ્થ ઈન્સ્યોરન્સ, બેંક દ્વારા આપવામાં આવતી મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી, હેલ્થ બેનીફીટ પોલીસીઓમાં ઘરે રહીને થતી સારવાર નો સમાવેશ થતો નથી હોતો. કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી અને રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી હેઠળ (જો ઘરે રહી ને સારવાર નો ખર્ચ એલાવ થતો હશે) કલેઈમ તો જ મળશે જો નીચે આપેલ શરતોનું પાલન થશે. :
    • વાસ્તવમાં તમારે હોસ્પિટલમાં રહીને સારવાર લેવાની થતી હોય છે, પરંતુ તમારે ઘરે રહીને સારવાર લેવી પડશે કારણ કે હોસ્પિટલમાં કોઈ બેડ ખાલી નથી અથવા તો હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ થવાની જરૂર નથી, જો આવું લખાણ માન્ય હોસ્પિટલના લેટર ઉપર ત્યાના કોઈ ઓથોરાઈઝ્ડ મેડીકલ પ્રેક્ટીશનર સાઈન અને સ્ટેમ્પ સાથે લખીને આપશે.
    • જયારે તમે ઘરે રહીને સારવાર લ્યો છો તે સમય દરમિયાન ઓથોરાઈઝ્ડ હોસ્પિટલના મેડીકલ પ્રેક્ટીશનર દ્વારા દરરોજ સ્વાથ્યની સ્થિતિની દેખરેખ થાય છે, તેનો એક રેકોર્ડ (ચાર્ટ) બનાવવાનો રહેશે અને તે રેકોર્ડમાં જે – જે સારવાર લેવામાં આવે છે તેનો પણ ઉલ્લેખ કરવાનો રહેશે. આ રેકોર્ડ (ચાર્ટ) તૈયાર થઈ ગયા પછી તેના પર આપની અને આપની સારવાર માટે આવતા ઓથોરાઈઝ્ડ હોસ્પિટલના ડોક્ટરની સહી કરાવાની રહેશે.
    • તમારા ઓથોરાઈઝ્ડ હોસ્પિટલના મેડીકલ પ્રેક્ટીશનરે પ્રિસ્ક્રાઇબ્ડ કરેલ હશે તો નીચેના ખર્ચાઓ મળવાપાત્ર થશે :
      • દવાઓ અને રીપોર્ટ માટેના ખર્ચ
      • Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Cylinder, Nebulizer, PPE Kit ના ખર્ચ
    • ઘરેથી સારવાર માટેનો વધુમાં વધુ રૂ.૨૦,૦૦૦/- સુધીનો ખર્ચ મળવાપાત્ર છે. આ ખર્ચ BAJAJ ALLIANZ GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. ની કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં અને આ જ કંપનીની અમુક ચોક્કસ નક્કી કરેલ રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસીમાં આપવામાં આવશે. IFFCO TOKIO GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. અને STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE CO. LTD. મા કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં હાલ કોઈ આવી લીમીટ આપેલ નથી.
    • TATA AIG GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. ની રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસીમાં Domiciliary Treatment નામના ફીચર્સમા નીચેની શરતો મુજબ ઘરેથી ઓછામાં ઓછા ત્રણ દિવસ કે તેનાથી વધારે દિવસો માટે કોરોનાની સારવાર લેવામાં આવશે તો જ ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર થશે. પરંતુ નર્સિંગ ચાર્જ, Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Cylinder, Nebulizer માટે ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર નથી.
      • જયારે કોઈ વ્યક્તિ હોસ્પિટલ સુધી જઈ શકે તેવી હાલતમાં ન હોય.
        • જયારે હોસ્પિટલમાં કોઈ રૂમ ખાલી ન હોય ત્યારે.
  • HDFC ERGO HEALTH INSURANCE LTD. મા OPTIMA RESTORE નામની પોલીસીમાં કોરોના માટે ઘરેથી સારવાર લેવા માટે કોઈ લીમીટ આપેલ નથી. પરંતુ PPE કીટ માટે રીઝનેબલ ખર્ચ મળવાપાત્ર છે.
6. When insured person is hospitalized or treated at home are there any costs which cannot be covered by the Corona Kavach policy or regular Mediclaim policy? Ans. Every insurance company has a NON PAYABLES LIST for which the insurance company does not pay any claim amount in Corona Kavach policy or regular Mediclaim policy. The Policy Holder should ask for this list while taking any Mediclaim policy. This non-payable list is subject to change from time to time. (૬) તમે હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ થયા હોય કે ઘરે રહીને સારવાર લીધેલ હોય ત્યારે થયેલા એવા કોઈ ખર્ચાઓ છે કે જે ખર્ચાઓ કોરોનાના ક્લેઈમ માટે કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં કે રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસીમાં મળવાપાત્ર જ નથી? . જવાબ : દરેક ઇન્સ્યોરન્સ કંપનીનું એક NON PAYABLES LIST હોય છે કે જેના માટે ઇન્સ્યોરન્સ કંપની કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં કે રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીકલેઈમ પોલીસીમાં કોઈ પણ પ્રકારનો કલેઈમ ચુકવતી નથી. આવું લીસ્ટ પોલીસી લેતી વખતે જ જાણી લેવું જોઈએ. આ ‘નોન પેયેબલ લીસ્ટ’ માં સમયાંતરે ફેરફાર થતા રહેતા હોય છે. 7. If a person is given treatment of another Illness along with Corona, when he is admitted to the hospital due to Corona, is he eligible for claim for the cost of treatment of that other Illness? Ans: Under the Corona Kavach policy, no other illness treatment costs can be claimed accept Corona. But if one has taken a regular Mediclaim policy, then the cost of treatment for Corona as well as for other illness treatment is payable as per the terms of that regular Mediclaim policy. (૭) જો કોઈ વ્યક્તિની કોરોનાની સાથે-સાથે અન્ય બીમારીની પણ હોસ્પિટલમાં સારવાર કરવામાં આવે છે તો કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી અને રેગ્યુલર પોલીસી હેઠળ તે અન્ય બીમારીની સારવાર ના ખર્ચનો ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે ? જવાબ : કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી હેઠળ માત્ર કોરોનાને લગતા જ ખર્ચાઓ નો કલેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે કોઈ બીજી બીમારીના સારવાર માટેના ખર્ચાઓ નો કલેઈમ મળશે નહિ. પરંતુ રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી લીધેલ હશે તો કોરોના અને બીજી પણ બીમારી માટે હોસ્પિટલમાં સારવાર લેવાના ખર્ચ જે તે રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી ની શરતો મુજબ મળવાપાત્ર છે. 8. If Policy Holder travels abroad after taking Corona Kavach policy and then comes back and diagnosed a Corona positive, will the claim be eligible in Corona Kavach policy and Regular Mediclaim policy? Ans. If Policy Holder has traveled abroad after taking the policy and the Corona comes positive after his return to India, the insurance company can reject the claim in the Corona Kavach policy but if you have taken a Regular Mediclaim policy, the claim will be eligible. (૮) કોરોના કવચ પોલીસી લીધા પછી કોઈ વિદેશમાં ટ્રાવેલ કરે છે અને ત્યાર પછી અહિયાં આવીને કોરોના થાય છે તો કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં અને રેગ્યુલર પોલીસીમાં ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર થશે ? જવાબ : જો કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિએ પોલીસી લીધા પછી વિદેશ ટ્રાવેલ કરેલ હશે અને તેના ભારતમાં પરત આવ્યા પછી કોરોના પોઝીટીવ આવશે તો ઇન્સ્યોરન્સ કંપની કોરોના કવચ પોલીસીમાં ક્લેઈમ રીજેક્ટ કરી શકે છે. પરંતુ રેગ્યુલર હેલ્થ/મેડીક્લેઈમ પોલીસી લીધેલ હશે તો ક્લેઈમ મળવાપાત્ર છે. – Please feel free to contact us for any type of your Insurance queries. – આપના ઈન્સ્યોરન્સ અંગેના કોઈ પણ પ્રશ્નો માટે વિના સંકોચ અમારો સંપર્ક કરી શકો છો. Ashutosh Insurance Services Insurance for your Life, Health and Assets Email : Mo. : +91 63587 55770, +91 70438 93388 Before taking any insurance please contact us for better understanding Disclaimer: Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. Kindly find below link related to Coronavirus Kavach Policy FAQs. Follow us using AshutoshFinserv on: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & LINKEDIN.
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Referral Partner for NRI Services

  • We are a one stop destination for Non-Resident Indians providing holistic services relating to Investments, Taxation & Estate planning, Legal aspects and compliances relating to foreign taxation.
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Following are the requirements for someone to become a Referral Partner:
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Investment In 8.50% Perpetual Bonds Of Bank Of Baroda

INVESTMENT IN 8.50% PERPETUAL BONDS OF BANK OF BARODA (BOB) – ATTRACTIVE FIXED INCOME OPPORTUNITY Resident as well as Non-Resident Indian (through NRO bank A/c) investors can avail this attractive investment opportunity. Face Value of each bond is Rs.10,00,000 which is currently available at a minor premium. The bonds are perpetual in nature, with a call option (repayment) with the bank after 4 years. The net return on investment from such bonds, the Yield To Call (YTC) is above 8% at present. The bank can refuse interest payment for a particular year, in case of financial distress. However, chances of such an event are rare since BOB is a prime Public Sector Bank with strong financial backing and creditworthiness. Interest income received is taxable. Ashutosh Investment Services A Division of ASHUTOSH FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. •Investments •Insurance •Income Tax & Estate Planning •NRI Services Mobile No.: +91 85112 20205 / 93773 35959 Email: You can share the details to your Friends, Relatives and Contacts who could be INTERESTED. We request you to kindly Like, Follow & Subscribe to our social media platforms to receive all the latest information. Follow us using AshutoshFinserv on: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & LINKEDIN.
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Future Of Investing

The way we make personal investment decisions should evolve with time considering the emerging trends and upcoming developments in India and globally. We have outlined a few important aspects demonstrating the future of investing.

Increasing significance of Financial Assets

Physical assets such as real estate & precious metals (gold & silver) have been lucrative investment avenues pursued often over time. Financial assets, comprising of investments in fixed income, equity, insurance, precious metals in dematerialized form etc. have started gaining increasing significance. Several reasons for such a transition are discussed below.
  • Liquidity: In these challenging times, liquidating physical assets, especially real estate, is becoming extremely challenging considering the market scenario. As compared to that, any financial assets can be liquidated virtually at anytime from anywhere without any major efforts.
  • Management: Managing & maintaining physical assets not only demands resources, but also a lot of time and energy. For medical professionals engaged in their busy work schedules, it becomes utmost difficult to spare precious time at the cost of their professional and personal life.
  • Next generation: The next generation is lacking the interest for managing physical assets. Moreover, they look for professional opportunities across the globe and do not prefer to remain confined to a particular geography. With such ideology, it becomes even more difficult to manage & liquidate inherited physical assets from a distant place.

Evaluating returns in equity products

In the current times of volatile equity markets, coupled with access to investment valuations on a daily basis because of technological support, investors are evaluating returns over shorter time frames and are dissatisfied with the performance of equity products. Equity as an asset class for investments through structured routes (PMS, mutual fund, etc.) requires a time horizon of at least 5 years to deliver its performance. Any analysis and comparison before that is premature and not a worthwhile option. There has been a lot of discussion on the unsatisfactory SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) returns in the last few years in media. However, investment through the SIP route is for wealth creation over longer time horizons ( above 10 years) and evaluating returns in such short time frames is not a good idea. Investment in equity products are bound to undergo a lot of ups and downs. Remaining patient across time is an important characteristic to build wealth in equity. Moreover, comparison of such products with direct equity investments should be made over longer times and taking a call based on short-lived movements can turn out to be a hasty decision.

Investment in Precious Metals 

In the current pandemic crisis, precious metals such as gold and silver have delivered extraordinary returns as asset classes. The same trend was witnessed during the global financial crisis in 2008. This proves the fact that certain allocation towards precious metals can act as a shield during such uncertain times in financial markets. Considering the inconvenience and limitations of investing in precious metals in physical form as discussed earlier, investment through a digital mode (financial assets) can be a worthwhile option. To invest in gold, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) in different series with a fixed maturity which is tax free in the hands of investor on maturity. Such bonds are also tradeable on the stock exchange and deliver a fixed interest of 2.5% p.a. on the issue price. To have an allocation in other precious metals like silver, platinum, etc. there are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in foreign markets which invest in such metals completely. The movement of those ETFs are in absolute tandem with the price of silver in the international markets. Under the present regulatory regime, Indian investors can directly invest in shares of U.S. ETFs from India in a seamless manner.

Global Investing 

Since several years, we advise everyone (including non-residents) to invest in the emerging markets, i.e. India. However, geographical portfolio diversification, which is attained by way of global investing involves diversifying investments across geographies is the order of the day for matured investors today globally. Global investing not only avoids country-specific risks such as political issues, bad monsoon, border tension, etc. but also builds an investment in foreign currency (USD) which has a history of appreciation vis-à-vis the Indian currency (INR). This corpus in foreign currency can also be utilized for future expenditures like foreign education, immigration, etc. It is a means to participate some of the most renowned brands that we use in our day to day lives at attractive valuations. Under the present regulatory regime, Indian investors can directly invest in shares of U.S. based companies from India or they can also engage by investing through international mutual funds in India. According to Shankar Sharma, an acclaimed global investor & advisor, “You must avoid single country, single currency, single asset risks at all costs.”

Attractive fixed income options 

Fixed income investments have been a traditional and safe way of investing for several of the investors in India. Over and above the bank Fixed Deposits (FDs), several other avenues have emerged in the fixed income space in the recent times with attractive returns. For investors in the highest tax brackets, tax-free bonds of Public Sector Undertaking of the Govt. of India are a secured way of investing giving a tax-free interest return to the investor. The Yield to Maturity (YTM) or the net return from such investments is greater than majority if the traditional FDs. Continuing with the FD avenue of investment, corporate Fixed Deposits (FDs) of several credible Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) offer better returns than the bank-based FDs. Such issuing NBFCs are backed by business groups having a long and respectable legacy.


Just as adapting to the changing trends in our respective profession is the need of the hour to remain relevant, it is also important to remain in sync with the evolving trends for our personal investments to build an investment portfolio that makes the most of all available opportunities; along with ensuring absolute security of our hard earned savings. Follow us using AshutoshFinserv on: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & LINKEDIN.
Insurance Services

Insurance – A Basic Necessity Today

As we all know in earlier times, Life, Medical and Car Insurance were considered enough to insure. But in recent times, each and every thing, which you can think, is insurable and required to be insured in this modern era of world. Today, the need of insurance can be summed up as– “Roti, Kapda, Makan and Insurance”. At present, there are many types of insurance plans available in different segments of General, Health and Life. Moreover, Retirement planning can also be done through insurance plans.


Insurance cover can be opted for many different purposes and one can get mental peace by transferring unforeseen risk to the Insurance company. The below stated General Insurance plans are should be subscribed.
  1. Fire and Special Perils Insurance
  2. Machinery and Equipment’s Breakdown Insurance
  3. Public Liability Insurance
  4. Workman Compensation Insurance
  5. Two wheeler, Car, Ambulance and other Vehicle Insurance
  6. Group Health Insurance
  7. Group Accident Insurance


Health insurance is a very important need of any leaving human being. A glimpse of health insurance plans is given as under:
  1. Basic Health Insurance Plan : This type of Plan covers only basic expenses of hospitalization, pre & post hospitalization expenses and Ambulance expenses, etc. In this type of plan, the insured have to make co-payment for the Medical Bill. Cost of this type of plan is generally very low.
  2. Medium level Insurance Plan : This type of Plan comes with some more additional features than Basic Plan, i.e. Global Cover, Bariatric Surgery, Daily cash for accompanying child, etc. These types of plans are most popular plans.
  1. High end Insurance Plan : This type of Plans generally includes all type of features available under Health Insurance Plans. i.e. High end diagnostics, OPD treatment, Dental treatment with OPD treatment, Air Ambulance, etc. These types of plans are mostly taken by High net worth Individuals.
  2. Special Feature Plans (Benefit Plans) : This type of plan offers lump sum benefit if some illness happens. Most famous Plans are Critical illness Plan, Cancer Plan, Diabetes Plan, Cardiac Care Plan. At present COVID Insurance is in demand.
  3. Personal Accident Plans : Under this plan one can get insurance against financial loss from all type of accidental injuries. Under this plan one can get benefit for Death, Permanent disability, Partial disability, Income Loss, etc. More over one can get a lump sum amount for Loan, Child education, etc. Hospitalization expenses due to accident are also covered under this plan.


There are majorly three types of Life Insurance are available in the market, described as under :
  1. Term Insurance Plans : This type of Plans are most popular Life insurance plans at present. In this plan one can get sizable amount of insurance by paying very small amount of premium. In this plan many add-on covers and features can be included and one can get best plan suitable to him. One can get basic death benefit under this plan and if he wants than add-on like personal accident, return of premium, critical illness cover, premium waiver option, maturity benefit on monthly basis, can be added.
  2. Endowment Plans : This plan is best to save money regularly for long term in disciplined manner besides taking Life cover, one gets his money back, mainly via two segments one is Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan and other one is Reversionary Bonus plus Terminal Bonus driven Insurance Plan. In Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan one can get fixed assured return. But in Bonus driven plan return depends on bonus amounts declared by Insurance Company every year. With this plan generally one can get 10X to 20X insurance of yearly premium paid.
  3. Unit Linked Insurance Plan : Through this plan one can get market driven investment insurance plan. In this plan a person pays the premium and gets Units for available amount for investments. He gets benefited by increase in Unit’s price. This plan is best for Tax Free returns from Equity market with insurance facility.
Above is very basic understanding of various type of Insurance. For detail understanding of each plan one should take advice from a good Insurance advisor.


In present times many Insurance plan are available for almost all types of financial risks. Insurance companies offer different features for same need of insurance. One has to choose the best suitable plan from different offers given by the insurance companies. An Insurance advisor can help you to provide  right option with required features by studying all the insurance plans and suggesting you customized solutions.


As we have stated above, an Insurance advisor can help you choose the best insurance plan in terms of features of the plan, along with cutting the costs of insurance by comparing the premium of various insurance plans available in the market. For example, government has made mandatory for every insurance company to give an insurance plan for COVID 19 with same features. If someone wants to take COVID 19 insurance, the advisor will suggest the best option with the least premium amount. Secondly, the unnecessary features can be avoided with the guidance of an able advisor while taking insurance, thereby saving unnecessary costs.


A good advisor should have multiple insurance company products in offering to offer customized solutions and the most competitive plan in term of features and rate of premium. When an insurance advisor offers multiple company offerings, he is not representing a particular company but working to address the needs of his client in the best possible manner.


An attractive guaranteed income generating plan available in the market at present, through which one can invest a fixed amount yearly and get tax free income lifelong with return of capital amount. One can get fixed income till the age of 99 years. In other option one can pay premium for 10 years and from 12th year to 36th year get a very handsome amount as tax free income. It is the best plan against the pension plans or any bank fixed deposit of nationalized bank. One gets more than 10X insurance of yearly premium paid absolutely free. It will also give benefit of tax deduction u/s 80C.

One should definitely consider this plan for retirement planning. INSURANCE AS A VEHICLE OF INVESTMENT:

Unit linked insurance plan(ULIP) is a unique setup where one can get insurance as well as can do Tax Free investment in desired segment of investment. These days insurance company offers ULIP at very low expense ratio, so in longer term it is better option to invest your money through ULIP. So, one can get tax free returns at very low expense ratio. One can invest his money in ULIP and get benefit of deduction u/s 80C also. To do investment in equity in discipline manner for long term, ULIP is the best option.

Hence, one should take route of ULIP for growth-based investment in equity.


The role of insurance today has evolved to become a basic necessity in our lives. While selecting the insurance coverage, one should go for a holistic approach exploring different insurance offerings across Life, Health & General insurance plans. Follow us using AshutoshFinserv on: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & LINKEDIN.
Investment Services

Last Tranche Of The Series To Buy Digital Gold Bonds Launched By Reserve Bank Of India At A Price Lower Than The Market Price Of Gold.

At Present, the market price of 10 gms. of Gold is Rs. 51,177/- PM as on 28th Aug, 2020 and instead the Reserve Bank of India has came up with a series of schemes offering 10 gms. Gold Bonds at the rate of Rs. 50,670/- with (Rs. 51,170-Rs.500 Discount) under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. Direct benefit of Rs. 507 per 10 gms. This Gold Bond Scheme close on 04th Sep, 2020 which means that the offer will only be applicable till 04th Sep, 2020.
  • Series Vl available from 31st Aug 2020 to 04th Sep. 2020.
  • Available in the multiples of 1 gms.
  • Rs. 50 per 1 gms discount on online purchase.
  • Eligible Interest rate of 2.5% p.a. paid on semi-annually basis.
  • Tenure: 8 years (Early withdrawal allowed from 5th year).
  • Tradable on the Stock Exchange.
  • Taxation:
  •  Interest on these Sovereign Gold Bond is taxable.
  • Appreciation (Capital gain) of the amount received on redemption (after 8 years) is tax free.
  • Capital Gains on sale in the market is liable to Short Term Capital Gain (on holding below 3 years), Long term Capital Gain with indexation benefit applicable after holding above 3 years.
GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY! IF YOU MISS THE OPPORTUNITY DON’T WORRY! All series of Sovereign Gold Bonds are AVAILABLE with ASHUTOSH INVESTMENT SERVICES for sale. Ashutosh Investment Services A Division of ASHUTOSH FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. •Investments •Insurance •Income Tax & Estate Planning •NRI Services Mobile No.: +91 85112 20205 / 93773 35959 Email: You can share the details to your Friends, Relatives and Contacts who could be INTERESTED. Follow us using AshutoshFinserv on: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & LINKEDIN.