Our office has state of the art infrastructure in the middle of the Rajkot city spread across 4000 sq. ft. area consisting of separate offices for our various divisions, Meeting Rooms, Conference Room, Library Room, Pantry, Record Room and area for general support services departments like Research and Analysis, Finance, Integrated Management System, Human Resources Department, Technology, General Administration, Electronic Surveillance and Business Development & Publicity.

All of our divisions operate on dedicated softwares suitable for their line of activity. Different divisions of the company are connected with Local Area Network (LAN) for seamless exchange of data and information. Our office is under round the clock Electronic Surveillance System which is regularly monitored.

Our company maintains a rich library of books and is a subscriber to latest journals in hard copy and E-mail based newsletter on Finance and Taxation keeping the personnel in the company updated about the latest developments in the world of Finance and Taxation.


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